Quiet Thoughts, Dancing Water

In my mind, there’s a tile turning
Turning every which way, turning this, turning that
So that every facet is fully seen
Every crevice completely discovered
And no secrets lie here, in the wells of my mind
No darkness to dive through, no thrones to uphold

And the waters which rise above us prove cold
and mask every unknown heart beneath us
And do I reach for the hand that stays,
Stays steady, dear, stay steady with me
Or do I cry, with the last breath of my lungs
In the hopes that he might hear me, he above the waters, me beneath

Steady, October, steady your skies
Red leaves fall upon newly pressed minds
And the man, with his hand scarred and bruised
Will raise it once again, and bear the utter darkness
We fear the unknown, we terrify ourselves with light
And shove restless fists towards our brothers

It is in the light that shadows first appear
When fear is first introduced, quiet now
I cannot speak for fear of breaking that sheet of silence

There are circles and tunnels; tornadoes it seems
That spin around my heart and pull my body back and forth
If a new day were to rise out of the water
Or an unknown creature to become my reflection
Where is it that I can lay, and where can I find rest?

Respite hides deep down beneath
Where silence is trembles and walls crumble down
We speak only in whispers, hush hush
And listen to the voices that speak only to us
For in our minds we become stars
Up up up, far away

Up up up, far into the moonlight
Rain falls.


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