The Sky

I open my eyes and feel the cool breeze tugging at my hair.  It’s dawn.  The sun is beginning to rise from behind the hill in an explosion of color.  If you’ve never had your heart break at a sunrise, I might ask if you have a heart at all.  Or maybe you’re blind.  I don’t want to know.

 I’m sitting on the wet grass and the dew is entertaining itself by finding the skin on my thighs and clinging to it.  It’s chilly, the air is.  But unbelievably breathable.  With each intake of breath, my throat, my lungs, my brain shout out in celebration.  So cool, so sweet.  Any fogginess that slept in my head is now gone.  Because now, the world is coming alive.  Flowers, ready to embrace the warmth are reaching, stretching; silhouetted by the glorious light. And the sky, oh that lucky dog.  Practically singing.  Bursting with joy, blushing at the privilege of once again upholding this enrapturing ball of flame.  You can almost see his smile, north to south.  Like a mother, just after giving birth.  Glowing.  That’s what the sky is doing.  
And he prances around, like the peacock he is, emphatically shoving his new found beauty onto all that can see.  Because now, he holds the sun.  He seems to forget that just moments ago, he was a nobody.  A cold, dark nobody.  So big, so vast, so empty.  But now that She has come into his existence… oh. And now, He’s ready to fly.  
I breathe in again and listen.  There’s no sound of cars, no rushing of feet or tires against the pavement.  No voices and no planes.  Just the rustling of furry little paws as they scamper from one hole to the next, they too excited for the day to start.  I can hear as the stalks of wheat brush against each other in the crisp morning breeze.  The sound of my own breathing. 
And I wonder how I can ever look out and think, “Oh.  It’s just another day.”   Because it’s not.  It’s beauty and wonder and majesty.  It’s emotion and fullness and life and flame.  And it’s flowing through my veins, threatening to implode my heart with it’s pulsating joy.  


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